Event Inquiry

How to Get Started

Contact us to get the ball rolling. Please let us know as much information about your church or group as you can, the scheduling option (see below) you would prefer, and any teaching needs or ideas you might have. We'll then send you additional requests for information and evaluate whether a visit will be in the best interests of your church and Thousand Tongues. Lord willing, we look forward to spreading a passion for gospel-saturated and Biblically informed worship at your church!

Our desire to visit churches, schools, or other groups flows out of our mission. A visit to your church will entail presenting songs either in a concert format or during a public worship time and teaching or preaching on worship or music. There are two scheduling options for hosting Thousand Tongues, as outlined below.

Schedule Option 1

We will present a concert of worship songs on Friday evening. We can perform either a solo concert or bring several musicians depending on the location and financial resources available. On Saturday morning we will present lectures or seminars depending on the intended audience and objectives. This is our preferred scheduled as some of our our teachers have regular duties at their own local churches on Sundays and have a more limited availability.

Schedule Option 2

We will lead worship at your church either solo, with several of our musicians, or with your church's musicians (in that case rehearsing early Sunday morning). We would then preach and/or teach Sunday schoolor teach after public worship on Sunday afternoon.


We request 90 minutes (if there is anintermission 105 minutes) to present songs in a concert format. Song suggestions are welcomed, and need not be exclusively Thousand Tongues songs. Part of the reason we want to present songs is to model how to choose and use songs that are lyrically deep, gospel-saturated, and biblically faithful to move God's people to true worship.


When we visit we request a time to teach on worship which can be catered to the specific interests or needs of your congregation, worship leaders, or musicians. The following are topics that we have already taught on and should not be taken as an exhaustive list. Rather, we encourage asking us about topic that might address your congregation or music team's particular interests or needs. Click here to listen/watch some of our sermons.

Possible Lecture/Sermon Topics

  • Expositional Teaching through a Given Passage Related to Worship (e.g. Colossians 3:16)
  • How the Gospel Transforms Worship
  • The Relationship of Worship to the Gospel
  • Understanding Worship Biblically
  • The Nature and Purpose of Congregational Singing

Possible Workshop/SeminarTopics

    General Teaching on Worship
  • What Does Worship Look Like?
  • Worship: Private, Family, Public, and All of Life
  • Understanding Public Worship
  • Worship Under the Old Covenant
  • Jesus & Worship
  • Cultivating Passion in Worship
  • Preparing for Worship
  • Worship Within the Trinity
  • Music's Role in Worship
  • Worship & Christian Liberty
  • Musical Controversies in Worship
    Worship Leading
  • The Craft of Worship Leading
  • Supporting and Encouraging Congregational Singing
  • Engaging with the Word in Public Worship
  • Word-Driven Worship
  • Creatively Arranging Traditional Hymns
  • Writing Songs for Congregational Singing
  • Evaluating and Choosing Songs for Congregational Singing
  • Understanding and Using Hymnals Effectively
    Musician Training
  • How to Be Liberated from Sheet Music and Printed Arrangements
  • Chord-driven Playing for Pianists
  • Improvisation for Other Instruments
  • Guitar Fundamentals for Leading Worship
  • How to Transcribe Songs

Other Teaching

  • 7 Week Course titled "Planning and Leading Public Worship." Total course length is 15 hours and could be taught in a two-day intensive schedule (e.g. Friday/Saturday)

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