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» Nominate "There Is No Sin" for LifeWay Worship's March Promotion

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LifeWay Worship is doing their "March Madness" promotion again. Last year, with your help, our song "There is No Sin That I Have Done" was seeded second.

We've been encouraged by the response to the music video we released last fall. And, we'd love to see more people hear the truths of the Gospel presented in this song. We pray those trapped in guilt and condemnation would hear and revel in the glorious grace given to us in Jesus.

To that end, would you consider nominating for "There is No Sin That I Have Done" and then sharing this with your friends? You can submit your nomination here.

» Free Download of "He is Risen"

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Joshua Otte is offering his recording of the Reformed Praise hymn "He is Risen" off his Already But Not Yet project as a free download through NoiseTrade.

Get the download here. Pass along the word to your friends.

Thanks, Joshua!

» Win a free "Merciful to Me" CD

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Eric is sponsoring a drawing for a free copy of Merciful to Me to promote the March Madness event. Check it out here. And spread the word to your friends.

» A Hymn for the People of Japan

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The 8.9 magnitude earthquake and resultant tsunami that hit Japan today brings to mind this hymn, The Fury of the Wind, the Raging of the Sea.

Let's see and hear and be humbled. Let's sing with faith. And, let's pray for the people of Japan, that by such a display of God's glory, they would be stripped of pride, and cast themselves on God's grace in Christ.

(Image source.)

» "There is No Sin" in the Sweet 16

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Thanks to everyone who voted for "There is No Sin that I Have Done" in LifeWay Worship's "March Madness" event. Thanks to your votes, the Reformed Praise song is seeded #2 in their brackets!

Please consider voting for it in their Sweet 16 line-up this week, and help spread the word about Reformed Praise.

» March Madness & Free Download at LifeWay Worship

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LifeWay Worship is offering one free download when you enter your favorite worship song in their March Madness event. The winning song will be offered as a free download for a day.

LifeWay Worship recently began distributing two Reformed Praise titles from the Merciful to Me project, "O Jesus" (Ward/Whitfield) and "There is No Sin That I Have Done" (Schumacher/Ward).

Please help us get the word out about Reformed Praise by visiting LifeWay Worship and nominating these songs.

» "He is Risen" on Joshua Otte project

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A passionate rendition of a Reformed Praise hymn, He is Risen, is the lead track on Joshua Otte's recent release, Already But Not Yet. (Follow the link to hear the recording and find purchase information.) Joshua is a pastor at Windham Baptist Church in Maine and blogs at Eucatastrophe 101.

Download the lyrics and sheet music from Reformed Praise here.

» Book Give-away Blog Contest

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Through my blog, I'm giving away a couple copies of Russ Moore's book, Adopted for Life, to those who link to our song "Though I Was Born an Orphan" or pass it along to their pastor.

For entry details, go here. The contest is open through November 15.

» A Sermon on "How Firm a Foundation"

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The audio from my hymn-series sermon on "How Firm a Foundation" is now up:

How Firm a Foundation: Standing on the Word of God

» A Sermon on "Be Still My Soul"

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From our hymn-memory project, here is my sermon on our latest hymn:

Be Still, My Soul: Resting in the Sufficiency of Christ

» Sermons Examining Corporate Worship

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In preparation for the TBC Music Ministry Leadership Conference, I began a series of sermons that I've come to title "What Are We Doing Here? Examining Corporate Worship." So far, they have covered:

Why Your Congregation Should Have a Worship War (Every Sunday): The Indispensability of Corporate Worship

Bring the Book! The Primacy of Preaching in Corporate Worship

Singing Songs that Teach: The Role of Song in Corporate Worship

Teaching Songs that Teach: Teaching God's People How to Think and Sing

In the weeks to come, I plan to teach two additional sermons on the role of The Ordinances (Lord's Supper & Baptism) and the role of Public Scripture Reading & Public Prayer.

I've posted the manuscripts from my addresses at the conference. The audio from my sermons at church are also available. I've collected the links here.

» TBC Music Ministry Leadership Conference

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I'm praying for David as he teaches a session this week at the WorshipGod09 conference.

As he teaches, I'm finishing up preparations to teach at a conference next week. I'll be leading four breakout sessions for the "Senior Pastor and Worship Pastor Track" at the Tennessee Baptist Convention's Music Ministry Leadership Conference, August 13-14 in Brentwood. I'm excited to get to learn from speaker David King (pastor, Concord Baptist Church) and Keith and Kristyn Getty, not to mention getting to hear the Tennessee Ladies' Chorus and Tennessee Men's Chorale.

My four session titles are:

1) Why Your Congregation Should Have a Worship War (Every Sunday): The Indispensability of Corporate Worship
2) Bring the Book: The Primacy of Preaching in Corporate Worship
3) Singing Songs that Teach: The Role of Song in Corporate Worship
4) Teaching Songs that Teach: Teaching God's People How to Think and Sing

If you can attend, I'd love to meet you. I'd appreciate your prayers for myself and those who attend.

» Happy Birthday, John Newton!

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Thanks to JT for reminding us that today is John Newton's birthday.

Here are a couple sermons that David and I preached through Newton texts:

A Sermon on the Hymn “Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder” (David)

Amazing Grace: Faith's Review and Expectation (Eric)

» A Sermon on "A Mighty Fortress is Our God"

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The audio from my July 5 sermon on Psalm 46 and Luther's hymn, "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" is now available as a download.

It is titled "A Mighty Fortress is Our God: Resting in the Presence and Promise of Christ."

» A Sermon on "And Can It Be"

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My latest sermon from our hymn memory project is available on-line now:

And Can It Be: Wondering at Free Grace

» A Sermon on "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty"

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As part of Northbrook's on-going hymn memory project, I taught through Joachim Neander's hymn "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty" this past Sunday, as I exposited Psalm 103.

In this sermon, I made five observations about what David's psalm tells us about the worship of the Lord and how Neander's hymn illustrates those points.

You can find the sermon, along with the others in the series, through the link below:
Praise to the Lord -- Exhorting Ourselves to Adore the Lord

» A Sermon on "Crown Him with Many Crowns"

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My sermon on Revelation 19, explaining the imagery of "Crown Him with Many Crowns," is now online here.

» A Sermon on “Before the Throne of God Above”

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My teaching through Charitie Lees Bancroft's hymn, "Before the Throne of God Above," is now available here.

» A Sermon on “Amazing Grace”

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Last Sunday, my sermon outline was John Newton's hymn "Faith's Review and Expectation" (which we know as Amazing Grace).

Find out why, here.

» Hymn of the Century

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Ok -- so you were thinking that this blog was dead!

In April of 2008 (!), Stephen Nichols predicts the "Hymn of the Century." Thoughts, brothers?

» On Taking the Lord’s Supper

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Currently, we take the Lord's Supper together once a month. We pass out the elements and take them together as a family.

I'm not a fan of taking the Lord's Supper individually. Jesus instituted the Supper with his disciples corporately. We only see it practiced in the New Testament corporately. It seems best to be me that we celebrate the Lord's Supper as a body, just as we will celebrate the Marriage Feast of the Lamb as one body.

I don't think that this poses any tension between emphasizing communion with other believers and communion with Christ. I think that there is ground for saying that at least some aspects of my communion with Christ occur in and with my communion with the body of Christ. When we strip the Lord's Supper of its corporate setting, we are missing something very important.

» The Northbrook Conference

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I'd encourage our readers to consider attending The Northbrook Conference, October 13-14 at our church in Cedar Rapids. We'll be learning about "The Church: Temple of the Holy Spirit or Tower of Babel?" from Jim Hamilton. Should be a great time to learn to be a people for his glory!

» A Discussion on Glory

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Since we are Doxologue (which might be translated "discussions on glory"), I thought I'd link to my sermon last week which outlines the glory of God in the story of redemption. My attempt to remind myself and the church why God does all that he does.

» Corporate Prayer

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A few helpful links on corporate prayer:

Bob Kauflin posts a corporate prayer of confession from WorshipGod06.

Jim Hamilton discusses corporate prayers, especially prayers of supplication.

David and Kevin, what sort of corporate prayers are incorporated into your congregational worship services?

» Covenant Song

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Readers of Doxologue may want to check out "Covenant Song," recently published on Reformed Praise.

» Al Mohler on Authentic Worship

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David, great post on private worship! Thank you for convicting and encouraging us all. I will reply.

I would encourage our readers to check out Al Mohler's three-part series on Authentic Worship (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). It would be a great conversation starter for a small group or Sunday School class.

» New Hymn Text: What Love Is This?

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Hey guys,

I posted a new hymn text on my blog last night. (David, it's not new to you...but we're looking forward to a tune!)

It is called "What Love Is This?" I was moved to write it after singing a Watts' text at the Together for the Gospel conference last April.

» Worshipping With Widows

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Hey guys! Long time, no post.

James 1:27 says, "Religion that is pure and undefiled before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world."

I've been thinking about how this verse applies to worship. I've had the opportunity to visit some widows in the nursing home and hospital, some older believers in their homes, and our church has a monthly birthday party at a nursing home at which God's word is shared and old gospel songs are sung. One of the things I've noticed is the joy that these older believers have when their favorite old gospel songs are sung (in addition to reading God's word to them and praying with them). Often these are songs that I am not familiar with or of a style and era that seems rather 'corny' today. Nevertheless, the gospel is sung and their souls are ministered to.

It occurred to me that this is one good reason to at least familiarize ourselves with the songs of previous generations (as foreign and corny as they may sound). We may not use them in our corporate worship... (continue reading...)

» I’m Still Alive, If Only a Little Distracted

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Hey brothers, I apologize for my failure to post for awhile. I've been a little distracted by some big changes. You know this, but our readers don't--On June 1, I officially began as pastor of Northbrook Baptist Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My first Sunday preaching will be June 11 (this coming Sunday). I'd appreciate you prayers during this busy summer as I begin a new ministry, look to sell and buy a house, and as Jenny gives birth to our third child in August.

» Teaching Doctrine Through Song

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There was a heretic in church history who taught that Christ was a created being. He spread his error through song. The children would skip through the city streets singing, "There once was was when he was not."I was reminded of the power of song to teach (and defend) right doctrine yesterday when I received this e-mail regarding my text, He is Altogether Lovely:
Mr. Schumacher,
I just wanted to encourage you to keep writing. Just the other day I was talking with 2 Morman missionary girls about the deity of Christ and how the person they call "Jesus Christ" is not at all the Jesus Christ of the Holy Scriptures . The words you penned (scripture shining through song) quickly came to mind and aided me as I proclaimed to them the deity of Christ. After a short conversation, they insisted that they could no longer stay and talk about this any longer as scripture clearly revealed Christ's deity. All that said, I just wanted to say thank you for your service to the kingdom.

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