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This Heartbreak Can Be Healed One of the most counter-intuitive titles for the Messiah, at 03/22/2015 Modern Hymns
This Is Happiness to Me This is a song about trials from a man well 03/27/2014 Updated Hymns
Do Not Fear The Bible records the response that people have when confronted 11/17/2012 Modern Hymns
I'll Never Forsake You This is an original song based loosely on a hymn 01/06/2011 Modern Hymns
The Solid Rock (Gospel Feel) This is a harmonization of Bradbury's popular tune  05/02/2009 Hymn Arrangements
When Sorrow Comes All of us will experience some degree of sorrow as 05/01/2009 Modern Hymns
O Weary Saint O weary saint is a song written particularly for those 06/10/2008 Hymn Texts
All Things Work for Good Romans chapter 8 is one of the most comforting passages 05/02/2008 Modern Hymns
You Are Mysterious This song, based on the well-known text “God Moves in 06/08/2007 Updated Hymns
Glory Is Certain This song presents a triumphant, even defiant view of life, 09/12/2006 Updated Hymns

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