O Happy Saints

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In this song we sing about death which, unlike to the unbelieving world, is a topic of great joy! Jesus has conquered death, removing its sting (1 Cor 15:55) so that it is now our "gate to endless life." This song offers us a chance to remind ourselves of why heaven is such a place of joy and why we should set our hope there. How wonderful that heaven is where believers will "meet to part no more" and that it is the place where we can finally sing our praise to Him alone because we will be free of the idolatrous distractions of our sinful flesh. Particularly endearing is the idea of being so moved by God's loving smile that all we can do is collapse with joy at his feet. Imagine the passionate, whole body-mind-soul worship we can enjoy forever in heaven! But this song does not only stop at describing the joys of heaven and those who have gone on before us, but it confesses the struggle of our journey there. Oh how we long to be there, stripped of this "body of death" (Rom 7:24).


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O happy saints, who dwell in light,
And walk with Jesus, clothed in white,
Safe landed on that peaceful shore,
Where pilgrims meet to part no more.

Lord, with tardy steps I creep –
Sometimes sing, and sometimes weep;
Yet strip me of this house of clay
And I will sing as loud as they.

Released from sin, and toil and strife,
Death was their gate to endless life;
Freed from this world so they could fly
To their eternal home on high.

And now they dwell before the throne
And sing their praise to Him alone.
And now they prove in life above
The heights and depths of Jesus' love.

He cheers them with eternal smile,
They sing hosannas all the while;
Or, overwhelmed with rapture sweet
Sink down, adoring at His feet.

By John Berridge (1716-93) & David L. Ward
© 2004 ThousandTongues.org


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