My Master's Heart

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The deepest desire of true believers is that their lives might reflect the glories of their savior and master, Jesus. In this song, we pray along with the great songwriter Charles Wesley for God to deeply implant several attributes that Jesus modeled for us in his earthly ministry, humility and contentment, in our hearts. Jesus' humility before men can be seen in his self-controlled response (or lack of response) to Pilate in Matthew 27:12-14. Jesus' humility before the Father is seen in his constant acknowledgment that his only prerogative is to do the will of the Father (John 4:34). Let us strive to have a heart like our Lord's and take joy in the promise that in heaven we will. The chorus of this song was written by David Ward, and the lyric editing and adaptation was done by David and his mom, Elizabeth.


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Lord, if You Your grace impart,
I will have my Master's heart –
Poor in spirit, I shall be,
Rooted in humility.

How I long to have my Master's heart,
Walking in His steps, never apart
And when I'm home
I will have my Master's heart.

Simple, teachable, and mild,
Trusting as a little child;
Pleased with all the Lord provides,
Weaned from all I used to prize.

Father, fix my soul on You;
Your provision to pursue.
Nothing want, beneath, above,
Happy only in Your love.

By Charles Wesley (1707-88) & David L. Ward
© 2003


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hey ..your site is such a blessing...i would love to use this song just to sing..probably in my church :)..thanks
» Gina on June 9th, 2010
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