Come, Let Us Stand

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This song is a paraphrase of Psalm 95 and can function as a wonderful "call to worship," but thankfully doesn't just stop at encouraging the singers to stand and sing (like many contemporary worhsip songs). It goes much deeper, and reiterates the reasons why we worship Him and the means by which we can even worship to begin with. We give God thanks for His grace shown to us by Jesus "fixing our place" through His death and resurrection applied to us thorugh faith. To Him belongs a thousand joyful worship songs because He is the sovereign King over heaven and earth. And His sovereignty ultimately moves us to more than simply singing - in the last verse we sing about falling to our knees (either metaphorically, in our hearts or physically) because of the awesomeness of God's power and might.


O come, loud anthems let us sing,
Give thanks to our Almighty King;
To Him our voices now we raise,
When our salvation's Rock we praise.

Come let us stand before His face
To thank Him for His grace,
To worship Him to whom belongs
A thousand joyful songs;
Since Jesus fixed our place,
Come let us stand before His face.

Though God, the Sovereign, dwells on high,
None can escape His watchful eye;
The pow'rs of earth are in His hand,
He made the sea, and formed the land.

Oh, let us to His courts retreat
For there our mighty God we'll meet;
Then to our knees we'll humbly fall
Before the Lord, the King of all!

Original lyrics by Nahum Tate & Nicholas Brady (1696). Adapted by David L. Ward.
© 2005, admin by Thousand Tongues


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Thanks to you for this link.
It is very useful and brings glory to our God in Jesus our Lord. This will be part of my worship database as from now.
» Pascal Blin on July 9th, 2008