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When Adam by Transgression Fell Solo: When Adam by transgression fell,  12/20/2010 Hymn Texts
The Lord Is Wise The Lord is wise and knows all things—the present, past, and future.  12/15/2010 Hymn Texts
How Beautiful the Mystery How beautiful the mystery:  12/11/2010 Modern Hymns
The Lord Is Present Everywhere The Lord is present ev’rywhere, in all of His creation,  12/08/2010 Hymn Texts
Day of Judgment, Day of Wonders Day of judgment, day of wonders,  12/02/2010 Hymn Texts
The Lord Is Sovereign The Lord is sov'reign over all, supreme in His dominion.  12/01/2010 Hymn Texts
The Sands of Time Are Sinking The sands of time are sinking,  11/26/2010 Hymn Texts
The Lord Is Not in Need The Lord is not in need of man, for He is self-sufficient;  11/24/2010 Hymn Texts
The Lord Is Constant The Lord is constant, without change, in purpose or in nature.  11/17/2010 Hymn Texts
My Hiding Place Against the God who rules the sky 11/12/2010 Updated Hymns
The Lord Is Holy The Lord is holy, free from sin, unmatched in all His glory.  11/10/2010 Hymn Texts
Trustingly, Trustingly Trustingly, trustingly,  11/08/2010 Updated Hymns
The Lord Is One The Lord is One, the only God—the Father, Son, and Spirit;  11/03/2010 Hymn Texts
The Lord Is The Lord is holy, One in Three, eternal and unchanging;  11/03/2010 Hymn Texts
O Word of God Incarnate O Word of God incarnate,  11/02/2010 Updated Hymns
You Are My Righteousness Jesus, I need Your grace again  09/28/2010 Modern Hymns
Jesus, Lover of My Soul Jesus, lover of my soul,  08/27/2010 Updated Hymns
The River Beneath the feet of man I find  08/27/2010 Updated Hymns
There Is an Hour There is an hour when I must part  07/13/2010 Updated Hymns
Your Will Be Done My God and Father, while I stray  02/19/2010 Updated Hymns
O Jesus There is a name I love to hear,  01/07/2010 Updated Hymns
There Is Life There is life for a look at the crucified One;  10/23/2009 Updated Hymns
Though I Was Born an Orphan Though I was born an orphan,  10/23/2009 Modern Hymns
Majestic Sweetness Majestic sweetness sits enthroned  09/25/2009 Updated Hymns
Go Up, My Heart Go up, go up, my heart,  08/29/2009 Updated Hymns
My Heart Has Found Its Rest in Christ Before my restless heart was found,  08/20/2009 Hymn Texts
What Love Is This What love is this? What love is this  08/19/2009 Hymn Texts
I Love You, Christ, My Crucified For the redeeming agony  08/03/2009 Hymn Texts
The Fury of the Wind The fury of the wind,  07/30/2009 Modern Hymns
Saved by Blood Saved by blood, I live to tell  07/01/2009 Updated Hymns

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