The Riches of My Savior's Love

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For the Christian, there is no greater source of comfort and hope than the perfect, redeeming love of the Savior. Christ, with His atoning blood, purchased indisputable pardon for sinners. As those who have been brought near by the blood of Jesus (Eph 2:18), we no longer have to fear wrath, judgment, death or hell. The perfect love of our Redeemer casts out our fear (1 Jn 4:18) and replaces it with a deep confidence in His finished work. Christian, take heart, and rest in the wondrous riches of your Savior's love.


Verse 1:
The riches of my Savior's love
Melt the weight of my despair,
Lift my burdens and my cares.
He loved me, even in my sin
When I hated all He was,
Yet He bought me with His blood.
I stand amazed; What can I say, but

Thank you Jesus! The wondrous riches
And endless mercies of Your saving love
Are mine forever, a priceless treasure-
You will always be enough.

Verse 2:
Redeeming love that never fails-
It restores and draws me near
and dispels my every fear.
Condemnation is no more-
Freedom from the law's demands,
Flowing freely from His hands.
I stand amazed; What can I say, but

The height and depth, the boundless breadth
Of Your great love for me!
In life and death my hope and rest
Is Your great love for me.

You will always be enough.
You will always be enough.

By Nathan Stiff & David L. Ward
©2014, admin by Thousand Tongues


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