The Cross of Jesus

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Through the eyes of faith in Jesus the cross is seen to be a recurring theme throughout Scripture. It was foreshadowed from the very beginning in the tree of endless life in the early chapters of Genesis, alluded to in the tree of cursing in Deuteronomy, and typified in the tree that made the poison waters sweet again. On the cross of Jesus He accomplished all of His work of redemption, proven to be genuine and effective at His resurrection. On the cross He secured our redemption both through propitiation - the removal of God's wrath through sacrifice - and through expiation - the cleansing of our sin by transferring it to another who would take the punishment in our place. So as we sing about the cross of Jesus may God's people rise in celebration and anticipation of the heavenly worship that will never stop exalting the Lamb whose blood redeemed helpless sinners through His overwhelming and undeserved mercy.


The cross of Jesus calls my name
And draws me ever near
To make the bitter sweet again
And calm my every fear.
The cross of Jesus bore the burden
Of suff'ring and decay
Yet blooms with life and loveliness
And shines with endless day.

The cross of Jesus, lifted high
That all might see and live,
Has healed the serpent's poison bite
For all who would believe.
The cross of Jesus, where the curse fell
Upon the spotless Lamb,
Twas there my debts were crucified
And evil put to shame.

The cross of Jesus- where I find
The tree of endless life;
Though once forbidden now is mine
For I am one with Christ.
The cross of Jesus, all my treasure-
The source of ceaseless praise,
The sum of gospel promises,
The well-spring of His grace.

Words & Music by David L. Ward
© 2014, admin by Thousand Tongues


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