Never Let Me Go

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This is a simple song in the tradition of spirituals which attempts to lead us to Jesus as a child - weak, needy, and often fearful. Sometimes we need to sing dense, theologically rich hymns, and sometimes we just need to tell the Lord that we're lonely and that we need him to be our friend. As we listen to or sing this song may we remember that Jesus is a friend, protector, rescuer, hand-holder, guide, covering, treasure, and welcomer to all who will believe in Him.


When I'm lonely and I have no one,
When I'm lonely, Jesus, be my friend.
When I'm fearful and I'm in danger,
When I'm fearful, Jesus, be my shield.

O Jesus, O Jesus,
O Jesus, come and rescue me.
So take my hand and hold me close
And never let me go.

Verse 2:
When I've wandered and I can't find you,
When I've wandered, Jesus, be my guide.
When I've hurt you and shame surrounds me,
When I've hurt you, Jesus, cover me.

Verse 3:
When I'm ruined and I have nothing,
When I'm ruined, Jesus, be my prize.
When I'm finished and life is slipping,
When I'm finished, Jesus, welcome me.

Words & Music by David L. Ward
© 2014, admin by Thousand Tongues


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