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In May 2013, The Fuller Seminary Brehm Center for Worship hosted a conference titled "Talk of God, Talk of Science." Before the conference began, the Fred Bock Institute of Music sponsored a contest to find a new congregational song that captured the intersection of God and science. In the providence of God, David took a trip a few months before the contest was created to Canada to explore the Canadian Rockies and wrestled almost the entire trip with science, faith, and their intersection in his own family history. One product of that wrestling was the song The Majesty, which David submitted to the contest. To our surprise, we were one of two winners, and are honored that the Brehm Center would consider our song for their conference.

In contrast to the emphasis many conservative evangelicals place on certainty when studying ancient history, the song emphasizes mystery and awe. Rather than state conclusions, the song simply states observations about this world that remind us of how little we know of the mind of God in creating this world.


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